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x_1826_668881_0_14107605_500Yoga is a great way to find inner balance and peace. However, it can sometimes be difficult and even intimidating for those who are just getting started.

Of course, you may not be amazing at yoga right away, and you’ll make your fair share of mistakes along the way. But if you can, try to avoid these common blunders:

  • Don’t keep your cell phone on during class. Yoga is about calm, quiet and peace, so if someone decides to call you in the middle of class they’ll not only disturb you but everyone else as well. We know you can occasionally forget to turn your ringer off, but if you leave your phone in the car then it’s an issue you won’t have to worry about.
  • Even if you’re someone who isn’t quite comfortable wearing tight clothes to work out, you’ll want to when you go to yoga. There’s a lot of movement in class including forward folds and twists, and you probably don’t want what you’ve got going on to pop out at any point. Go out and get a nice pair of yoga pants and a tank top, put them on and bend over in the mirror just to double check that no one will be getting a free show.
  • Never pack up early during a yoga session. The final pose you’ll make during practice is savasana and involves lying on your back for five minutes so you can take in everything you just did and calm your mind. It can be easy to start to pack up your belongings during this pose, but it’s important that you don’t so you can achieve the calmness you’re looking for.

4 tips for yoga beginners

Don’t strive for perfection: It can be hard to find the desire to be perfect. We all want to be everything at once – the supermom that can handle it all. But the reality is that no one is actually perfect. Don’t forget to keep this in mind when you’re starting yoga. You’ll definitely want to bring a sense of humor to class and make sure you don’t get too hung up on doing every move perfectly.

Connect: Focus on your breathing during each pose so you can connect to it. Some spend too much time thinking about what poses they can’t do, and in effect they’ll start to falter on the ones they can. Stay as connected as you can to the pose and breathe into it – it’s a sure way to make the experience better for you.

Don’t force it: Don’t count on being a pro at yoga during your first class,  and don’t try to force yourself into it. You’ll want to adapt your movements in order to match your strength and stamina levels so that you don’t get hurt.

Be open: If you want to guarantee a new love for yoga, you’ll need to be open minded. Concentrate on yourself, and no one else, and give yourself confidence by believing in possibilities. The more open minded you are, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve new poses.

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