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Little Dundi Review and Giveaway (Closed)

ecocentric mom giveawayYou may remember from our recent post about frequently overlooked new baby necessities that baby hangers made it on to our list. While not an obvious registry basic, the fact is that life is lots easier to keep organized if you have properly sized hangers to that fit your kiddo’s clothes. This is true of baby clothes, and remains true as your kids (and their clothes) get bigger.


kids closet reorganizationWell, for one , keeping their drawers and shelves neatly folded is straight-up impossible. Unless you plan to refold the contents of every drawer on a daily basis, keeping them neat can’t be done (see embarrassing photo to the left). The small clothes are harder to fold neatly, making stacks of them lumpy and crooked. Add to that the cyclone force of a young kid who simply must choose his own outfit (and pull everything out of the drawer in doing so), and you will quickly realize that hanging as many things up as possible is KEY to your sanity.DSC_1499

As far as we can tell, your options are 1) try to made it work with your grown up hangers (fail, see picture), 2) buying some kid-size plastic hangers or 3) buying some of these super cute Little Dundi eco-friendly hangers. Option 1 is just bad. See pic. Option 2 is subpar. Aside from the obvious ickiness of bringing more plastic into the world and your home (see below), plastic hangers are slippery and poorly suited to keeping little duds in hanging position.

Plastic Hangers Are An Environmental No-No

In the US every day over 15.5 million wire, plastic and wood hangers go into landfills.  In landfills plastic hangers can last over 1,000 years and leach dangerous chemicals into our ground water such as Benzene (a carcinogen in polysytrene) or Bisphenol-A (a hormone disruptor in polycarbonate). Wood and wire hangers can last over 100 years in an anaerobic landfill.  Hangers are notoriously hard to recycle because they are made of such low-grade material that most recycling centers and agencies ban hangers from their collection systems. Even wood hangers, which seem like an eco-option, are not recyclable.  Your best green option – by far-  is recycled paperboard. (Note: the your best option for the hangers you already have is reuse or donation – just don’t throw them away!)

About Little Dundi

Little Dundi’s hangers were created by a mom who figured there MUST be a better option – and decided to create it when she found it lacking. What we love about these hangers:

  1. They come in adorable patterns that can fit girl, boy or gender neutral décor. We went with a mix of patterns (including some of the “boys” – who knows, Ellie might like planes as much as she likes pink flowers!) but you could do all the same if you’re into symmetry
  2. Also, they are made of recycled paperboard – this is awesome not just for the eco-friendly factor (which of course we love) but because
  3. Cardboard hangers are totally non-slip. You can put a tiny cardigan on the hanger and not button it and it will still stay on. And finally,
  4. Their narrow profile means you aren’t taking up more room in your kid’s closet with hangers than with clothes.

Little Dundi giveawayLittle Dundi makes a baby clothes version called “Nuages” (Clouds) which retail for $11.99 for 12 hangers and the toddler and kid varieties which are sized to fit kids clothes up to age 5, but I think they would work much longer than that. (In fact I used a few on our 12 year old’s t-shirts just to see and they worked great).

The hangers are available on their website in a bunch of super-cute designs for 13.99 for a 10-pack (with free shipping). We were able to complete our re-org with 30 hangers totals.

A side benefit of getting new hangers is fixing the disaster area that is your child’s closet. Check out these ‘after’ shots. Not too shabby!

We were so psyched to get to try to them and just love the product.  We love these little hangers so much…we wish they were littler! Well, not quite. But we did want to include them in an upcoming Ecocentric Mom box but alas they won’t fit!DSC_1514closet reorganization


So, instead of trying to jam the hangers into your monthly Ecocentric Mom box, Little Dundi is giving 3 lucky members of our Ecocentric Mom community the chance to win 3 sets of hangers (that’s 3 x $42 value for those of you keeping track). The lucky winners can choose their patterns – girl, boy, both, and can even choose the smaller infant hangers if that’s a better fit for your family right now.  Happy organizing! 

Giveaway starts November 19, 2015. Enter to win below before November 30, 2015. 

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