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November 2015 Pregnancy Box

ecocentric mom pregnancy box

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From top to bottom, pregnancy is probably wreaking havoc on your body. This month’s box of paraben-free beauty and pregnancy comfort products were selected to ease some of the symptoms and help you look and feel your best. As your little one continues to grow, it’s important to take care of yourself from the inside out. Each month, subscription boxes are carefully selected with you and your sweet babe in mind. Products are healthy, chemical free and beneficial for you both!

Bee Nat Peeper Keeper

Bee Naturals Peeper Keeper

Everything in Bee Naturals products has a specific therapeutic purpose. They protect and heal skin and your Peeper Keeper is formulated to address fine lines in the eye area. Lots of other mamas have discovered it helps with chapped lips and cuticles. It’s a great addition for your skincare especially with winter fast approaching.

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Angel face

Angel Face Botanicals Lavender and Aloe Vera Balancing Organic Toner

Lavender and Aloe Vera Balancing Toner helps to calm redness, balance oil production, tighten pores, and clarify your complexion. Wild Blueberry and Rooibos bring high levels of free radical fighting antioxidants and phyto-nutrients such as Vitamin C for smooth, toned, and radiant skin. The aromatherapy benefits of Lavender bring peace & calm, inspires creativity, and works to balance the chakras. It’s a perfect mist to spritz over your face in the morning and to unwind at night.

Discount Code: 20% off EcoCentric20

pure factory

Pure Factory Naturals

PUREfactory Naturals delivers a fresh and fun approach to modern and sincere skincare that you will love. The Baby Bump Belly Rub is 100% natural and safe for mommies-to-be. It relieves dry and itching skin to prevent and reduce stretch marks. Start moisturizing today!

Discount Code: 10% off with ECO15

healthy hoohoo

Healthy Hoohoo

Healthy Hoohoos has a mission is to make women happy and healthy by providing gentle care for “down there.” Each wipes contain soothing botanicals to nurture and promote vulvovagainal wellness. These gentle wipes are the perfect size for your purse or travel bag and contain no toxic chemicals, fragrance or synthetic ingredients. They’re paraben free and safe to use for the expecting mama. Can we get a “WooHoo” for HooHoo!

Discount Code: 20% Amazon Discount Code for 3-Packs E6ELJZU8


Loqi Tote Bag

Loqi makes bags that are chemical free, long lasting and washable. Your new tote is water resistent, eco-friendly and OEX-TEX certified (which means its verified to have been made in an eco friendly way). It’s super cute and perfect to grab on the go and add your favorite products to use while you’re out.

Discount Code: LOQI-Beauty-2015 for 20% off


Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm

Earth Mama Angel Baby is safe and a hospital recommended organic herbal product that supports both mama and baby throughout the birthing process. The Mama Bottom Balm helps with discomfort during pregnancy and post partum “bottom problems” with 100% natural herbs, like St. Johns wort, Yarrow, Witch hazel, and Calendula. You’re going to love how it cools and soothes.

snack bites

Frontier Snack Bites

These Bites are healthy snacks for pregnant mamas looking for nutritious snacks made with simple, real food ingredients. They offer a big bang of energy and nutrition in every bite to help fuel your busy day. The bites are made with just 8 ingredients and are Gluten free, soy free, Dairy free and non-GMO verfied. Available on their website or at Amazon

Discount Code: Ecocentric

See Spot Sing Logo

See Spot Sing Music Subscription

Start playing tunes so your little one can hear it from the womb. See Spot totally gets the power of music and it’s ability to educate, entertain and create memories for your family. Each month, subscribers receive 5 original songs (delivered digitally) that reinforce early childhood developmental areas. There are so many social and emotional milestones that music helps develop in children. Your little one will benefit and enjoy your month of free songs. See Spot Sing created a special lullaby bundle of songs especially for our  moms to be to indulge their nesting instincts while waiting for the big day.  Get this bundle delivered with this link.

Discount Code: ECOCENTRICMOM for 30 Days Free


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