October 2015 Mom Box

ecocentric mom box

Our September / October Mom box was a great mix of practical and pampering items. On the pampering side, our Mom Box subscribers enjoyed a couple of green beauty luxuries, including an Ecco Bella eyeliner, Silk Therapeutics serum and moisturizer, Lasting Smiles Cares lip balm and Ellovi body butter. Our moms also discovered a cute new way to cut down on paper towel waste with the People Towel, and a couple of tasty snacks to keep the fam happy (Bitsys Brainfood and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts). Read on to learn more about these great products and discounts!

silk therapeutics

Silk Therapeutics Silk Intensive C Serum or Silk Nourishing Moisturizer

Sometimes your skin just needs a quick pick-me-up. Just like you take your morning coffee or tea, your skin will thank you when you massage this vitamin-c serum into your face. Watch fine lines plump up and dark spots disappear as your skin soaks up this nourishing formula. You will love the feel on your skin – and the results!

The key to Silk Therapeutics’ beautifying products is right in the name — the company uses real silk in their formulas, which lets in oxygen while also forming a barrier against damaging elements. Silk replaces the silicones and harsh chemical additives used in other beauty products. In the Nourishing Moisturizer, silk is blended with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to diminish signs of aging. In the Intensive C Serum, silk boosts the moisture-retaining properties, filling in lines and evening skin tone. Use these products daily and your skin will thank you with its radiance.

Limited time offer: code ECOMOM to save 20%


ellovi body butter and ecocentric mom

Ellovi Mint Chocolate Butter Mini

Mint and chocolate — the perfect combination for dessert, and an even better combination for your skin! These Ellovi Mint Chocolate Butter Minis can lightly rubbed or thickly slathered all over your body — anywhere you need moisture and a light, delicious fragrance. Smells like dessert, feels like heaven!

Many of Ellovi’s products double, triple, and quadruple as other effective solutions, and their Butter Minis are no different. Ellovi understands that your skin is like a sponge, and that adverse environments can be just as damaging to our bodies as what we put in them. The body butters are also sunscreens, makeup removers, and face moisturizers. You will love Ellovi’s natural formulations, and will feel the difference in your baby-soft skin.

Limited time offer: 15% off using code Ecocentricmom


lasting smiles cares and ecocentric mom

Lasting Smiles Cares Lip Balm

As avowed chapstick junkies, many of us were delighted to discover Lasting Smiles Lip Balms. You’ll never use a cheap, waxy chapstick again after smoothing on the light, silky tecture of these balms. Formulated with ultra-nourishing ingredients, Lasting Smiles will keep your smile glowing all day. We love the social mission of this company, and the balm is a great every-day staple to keep stashed in your bag.

Take comfort in the fact that all Lasting Smiles products are organic and fair-trade certified, with ingredients that are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives. Lasting Smiles takes all of these steps to ensure that what you receive is the purest, most effective, and most beneficial to the environment and its people. Your lips will be transformed by this product, and will look smoother with every use. And, you can feel doubly good about your purchase — a portion of proceeds go straight to cleft lip surgery funds for children, changing their lives for the better.


ecco bella and ecocentric mom

Ecco Bella Beauty Cocoa Soft Eyeliner Pencil

We don’t like putting unsafe materials right on our sensitive eyes — go figure! This eyeliner pencil is the perfect natural alternative to additive-laden eye makeup, and it comes in a gorgeous tan-brown shade that compliments any eye color. Whether you rarely wear makeup or never leave the house without it, this pencil is a perfect staple for your makeup bag.

EccoBella is a top seller for natural makeup, loved by vegans, health nuts, and regular moms and moms-to-be, just like you. EccoBella’s founder refuses anything to do with animal testing, so you can be sure your cosmetics and skincare products are as pure and additive-free as your skin craves. The signature of the EccoBella brand is their use of plant-based “neutraceuticals,” which naturally moisturize and protect our skin as they make us look fabulous. This FlowerColor Eyeliner contains flower-wax to lock in moisture and keep your eyes smudge-free all day.


manitoba harvest and ecocentric mom

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Hemp is a unique superfood that is currently having a moment — for good reason! It is a source of healthy protein, and you can fit these hemp hearts into your diet just about anywhere. Blend them into a smoothie, toss them on some oatmeal or into some granola, blend them into nut-butter, etc. Their slightly earthy, nutty flavor pairs with just about anything. Unique product for you and the family’s nutritional well-being.

Manitoba Harvest grows, prepares, and sells their own hemp for each product they carry, making them a unique end-to-end company whose name you can trust for quality. All Manitoba Harvest products are meticulously chosen for potency, taste, effectiveness, etc. They are also a B Corp certified company, which means that they demonstrate a commitment to their employees, as well as the good of their consumers. Sprinkel your hemp seeds on a salad, on your morning yogurt, into a loaf of bread of coffee cake, or anywhere you want a boost of protein and nutrients.

Limited time offer: ecochh1115 to save 20% of Hemp Hearts

bitsys brainfood and ecocentric mom

Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Cookies

Who says moms can’t enjoy a treat with their children? Bitsy’s Smart Cookies are created with all-natural ingredients, including added boosts of fruits and veggies. Don’t let that fool you, though — Smart Cookies taste great and are the perfect addition to your children’s daily snack rotation — and yours too! They may be ‘kids’ cookies but we seriously can’t stop eating them.

Bitsy’s Brainfood is a company on a mission. They set out to create healthful, tasty snacks for children and parents alike, and we think they’ve succeeded. We can’t stop popping these little cookies, and there’s no way we feel bad about that, due to the added fruits, veggies, and other nutrients and Bitsy’s manages to blend so well into their formulations. Bitsy’s believes that healthy minds and healthy bodies are closely connected, and that you cannot truly have one without the other. That’s why they have created products like Smart Cookies, which assist growing brains and bodies, and which nourish busy moms as well.


Logo-a-go-go Image (1)

People Towel

Who needs an endless supply of paper towels, when you can have People Towels! These towels are perfect for those every-day messes that you just need cleaned up, STAT. Convenience, ease of use, and reusability are just a few benefits of using products from this company.

People Towels are designed to save your sanity while also saving the environment. Take these towels with you wherever you go, and whether you have your children with you or not, you’ll be prepared for any mess that crosses your path. Their reusable towels, such as the Logo a Go Go Towel, come in all sorts of fun prints. People Towels products are created from thin, absorbent materials that are easily washed away, so you can toss them in the wash and get back to your life.

Limited time offer: 10% discount using code ecomom15

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