October 2016 Mom Box

October Ecocentric Mom Box


No Scary Stuff – Delivered

This Halloween, we’re helping our subscribers steer clear of the scary stuff lurking in many of their personal care products by introducing them to some fantastic brands with quality natural ingredients. Shampoo in your toothpaste? Petroleum on your nipples? Detergent on your nether-regions? No thank you! Detox your beauty regimen with Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Gel and David’s Natural Toothpaste. Is the new fall weather bringing unwanted germs? Ditch the creepy, toxic ingredients and reach for the Oilogic Essential Oil Roll-On. We even threw in a delicious snack without any surprise ingredients. Discover pure & natural alternatives that work great without the “scary!” 


ecotrek whole food bars

EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bar in Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut 

Eko Trek Fitness was founded in 2006 by Cari Draft, a personal fitness trainer. Her goal is to encourage her clients to explore the outdoors while working out! In 2011, she created a healthy, protein-packed bar that contains wholesome ingredients and reduced calories. Her bars are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and delicious!

Discount Code: 10% off with code ECO10 + free shipping on all orders 

David's toothpaste

David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste 

Traditional toothpaste has a number of questionable ingredients that nursing and expecting moms really should be looking to avoid. Most mainstream toothpaste contains Fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which enter into your bloodstream every time you brush your teeth even if you don’t swallow. Davids is a premium natural toothpaste that naturally whitens teeth, removes plaque, and freshens breath by using only safe & natural ingredient. Rated “1” (best rating) by EWG for ingredient safety.

Discount Code: 20% off with code ecocentricmom

Zatik Naturals

Zatik Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Gel

Zatik is a ladybug, an insect that symbolizes beauty, good fortune, and naturally protects plants from harm. Zatik products are created in California and use fresh, raw botanicals from USDA-certified organic farms without the use of GMOs. Zatik is passionately motivated to create products free of preservatives, parabens, synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, artificial colors, or fragrances. Your Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Gel is a Gentle Face Wash for Normal to Oily Skin

Discount Code: 10% off with code ZATIK00 or Buy in Our Shop




Oillogic Cough & Cold Essential Oil Roll-On 

Oilogic® Essential Oil Care provides custom, concentrated 100% Pure Essential Oils blends, diluted properly for little tots, and packaged conveniently for busy Moms like you! Now you can naturally and safely soothe cough and cold symptoms with the power of Essential Oils. Safe for babies 6+ months!

Discount Code: 20% off with code ECOMOM

Honeybee Gardens Eyeliner

Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner in “Smoking Gun” 

Honeybee Gardens was created in 1995 by author and herbalist Melissa J. Buckley. Years of herbal study prompted Ms. Buckley to create natural personal care products for her and her family. Your effortless eyeliner will enhance and define the natural beauty of your eyes with confidence. Glides on gently and fluidly from the moment you open it.

Discount Code: 15% off with code ECOCENT

Healthy Hoo Hoo

Healthy Hoo Hoo Gentle Feminine Wash 

Healthy Hoohoo was founded by Stacy Lyon when she learned from friends in the healthcare field that many women complain of not feeling fresh “down there” and suffered from recurrent infections and discomfort. She discovered that most mass marketed intimate cleansers and body washes were laden with harsh detergents, dyes, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Her goal is to provide a healthier cleansing option for women of all ages that are interested in the well being of their intimate area. Healthy Hoohoo products are free of parabens, scents and fragrances, alcohol, dyes and detergents, phthalates, and animal byproducts.

Discount Code: 20% off with code ECOMOM20

Wrap N Mat

Wrap-N-Mat Large Pouch 

WRAP-N-MAT Pouches are the only reusable food wrap and placemat in one. Stop using plastic sandwich baggies to pack lunches! Opens flat to clean with no messy corners to trap food. Lays flat to eat upon providing a clean eating surface anywhere. Hand wash/air dry. Created by a mom and made of food-safe plastic.

Discount Code: 10% off with code EcocentricMom on non-sale items 

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