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October Pregnancy Box 2015

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Our September / October Pregnancy box showcased some wonderful organic and non-toxic items for expecting mom’s. Our moms-to-be received a few items to ease their pregnancy discomforts, like samples of Three Lollie’s morning sickness chews and Bear’s Beauty vegan belly balm. We included a few safe-for-pregnancy items for some low-maintenance daily care, including Lasting Smiles Cares lip balm, Ellovi butter and a full size Ecco Bella eye pencil.  Learn more about this month’s natural products and exclusive discounts.

ecco bella and ecocentric momEcco Bella Beauty Cocoa Soft Eyeliner Pencil We don’t like putting unsafe materials right on our sensitive eyes — go figure! This eyeliner pencil is the perfect natural alternative to additive-laden eye makeup, and it comes in a gorgeous tan-brown shade that compliments any eye color. Whether you rarely wear makeup or never leave the house without it, this pencil is a perfect staple for your makeup bag. EccoBella is a top seller for natural makeup, loved by vegans, health nuts, and regular moms and moms-to-be, just like you. EccoBella’s founder refuses anything to do with animal testing, so you can be sure your cosmetics and skincare products are as pure and additive-free as your skin craves. The signature of the EccoBella brand is their use of plant-based “neutraceuticals,” which naturally moisturize and protect our skin as they make us look fabulous. This FlowerColor Eyeliner contains flower-wax to lock in moisture and keep your eyes smudge-free all day.


Three Lollies Morning sickness is a tough part of pregnancy. People are commenting how you’re glowing but all you feel is green and tired. We have good news! Morning sickness just met it’s match with Preggie Natural chews from Three Lollies. They’re natural and delicious plus they’re derived from brown rice and have 10mg of B6 for an extra boost of energy. Who knew a little chew could make all us pregnant mom’s jump for joy? They’re the perfect tart taste to help alleviate those rough mornings…err…days. Three Lollies creates natural products as an alternative therapy that makes life a little easier during nauseous times. They have a range of products to help expecting mommy’s battle morning sickness and really enjoy this special season in their life. These chews are the only natural pregnancy chews available on the market today so get excited because you’re mornings just got a little easier. Toss them in your bag as you head out the door and start feeling better now! Discount Code: Ecocentric for 15% off


Bear’s Beauty Bear’s Beauty handcrafts luscious shea butters that’ll have your body craving it! The butters are made from organic raw shea butter, organic aloe vera gel, organic hemp seed oil and essential oils. You can apply it all over- from your head to your toes while the aloe moisturizes and the shea seals it. It’s like a hug in a jar. Your body totally deserves this delicious reward. Bear’s Beauty combines the oils, butters, hydrosols, clays, and waxes in ways that preserve natural qualities. They use minimal heat and most items are raw or as close to raw as possible. Each product is made to order, made with love, good intention and a knowledge of the ingredients and their individual aspects. Toss this gem in your bag and even rub it on your belly to prevent stretch marks.

Lasting Smiles, Smile for a Cause

Lasting Smiles Cares Lip Balm  As avowed chapstick junkies, many of us were delighted to discover Lasting Smiles Lip Balms. You’ll never use a cheap, waxy chapstick again after smoothing on the light, silky texture of these balms. They’re formulated with ultra-nourishing ingredients that’ll keep your smile glowing all day. We love the social mission of this company and the balm is a great every-day staple to keep stashed in your bag. You can rest easy knowing Lasting Smiles products are organic and fair-trade certified with ingredients that are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives. They take specific measures to ensure that what you receive is the purest, most effective and most beneficial product for the environment and its people. Your lips will be transformed and will look smoother with every use plus it’ll definitely completely your dreamy preggo glow. Feel doubly good about your purchase — a portion of proceeds goes straight to cleft lip surgery funds for children, changing their lives for the better.

Enjoy Life Foods Enjoy Life Foods is committed to providing consumers with gluten and allergen free foods of the highest quality. In addition to being free of the eight most common allergens, Enjoy Life products are also certified Kosher and Halal, are all natural, and non-GMO verified. They manufacture a wide variety of delicious snacks too! The Mountain Mambo seed and fruit mix is made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), fruit and mini chocolate chips. You’re body will love you once you introduce this delicious snack plus you won’t feel guilty because you’re eating something nutritious that tastes amazing. The sample sleeve is a great size to throw in the diaper bag and fortify moms to be.

ellovi body butter and ecocentric mom

Ellovi Mint Chocolate Butter Mini Mint and chocolate — the perfect combination for dessert and an even better combination for your skin! These Butter Minis can be lightly rubbed or thickly slathered all over your body — anywhere you need moisture and a light, delicious fragrance. They smell like dessert and feel like heaven! It’s time to indulge, ladies! Many of Ellovi’s products double, triple, and quadruple as other effective solutions, and their Butter Minis are no different. Ellovi totally gets that your skin is like a sponge and that adverse environments can be just as damaging to our bodies as what we put in them. The body butters are also sunscreens, makeup removers, and face moisturizers. You’ll love Ellovi’s natural formulations and will definitely feel the difference in your baby-soft skin. Limited time offer: 15% off using code Ecocentricmom


People Towel Who needs an endless supply of paper towels, when you can have People Towels! These towels are perfect for those every-day messes that you just need cleaned up, STAT. They’re convenient, easy to use and reusable. People Towels are designed to save your sanity while also saving the environment. So really, everybody wins! These reusable towels, such as the Logo a Go Go Towel, come in all sorts of fun prints. People Towels products are created from thin, absorbent materials that are easily washed away, so you can toss them in the wash and get back to your life.  Our pregnancy hormones can sometimes be all over the place so keep this handy towel with you if you find yourself perspiring a little more than usual. When the baby comes, throw one in the diaper bag to clean up little messes without resorting to disposable wipes. Limited time offer: 10% discount using code ecomom15


Bundle Organics

Bundle Organics juices are the first line of USDA organic juices made specifically for expecting and new moms. The juices are exclusively made with organic fruits and veggies. They are fortified with OBGYN-recommended vitamins and nutrients meant to complement daily prenatal vitamins at safe levels. They’re delicious, easy for on-the-go lifestyles and perfect for expecting moms. Did we mention they taste fabulous? They’re packed with nutrients that will give your body a boost and nourish your growing little one. Since juice samples weren’t available, the October box contained a special offer for our mommas-to-be. You can access that offer below!

 Discount Code: ECOMOM15


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