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March 2015 Giveaway presented by Soft Skin

Stretch Softly® Stretch Mark Prevention boxed set from Soft Skin.  This amazing giveaway set will include a tank, boy short and full size of our belly oil all packaged in a beautiful gift box.  Retail Value: $99



Stretch Softly™ Stretch Mark Prevention System. This set includes a Stretch Softly™ Tank, a pair of Stretch Softly™ boy shorts and a bottle of our Stretch Softly™ Signature Oil.

Made from a special fabric designed to keep moisture on your skin rather than on your clothing. After applying our (good-enough-to-eat) all natural oil to your pregnant belly and bum, slip on the comfortable, lightweight tank top and shorts to keep the moisture on your skin as an ultra deep moisturizing treatment.  Wear them for a few hours after a bath or overnight.  It will keep your skin completely moisturized until you take them off and it feels incredible!  Made by moms (who were pregnant at the time), for moms, the Stretch Softly™ Stretch Mark Prevention System helps prevent stretch-marks and the itching that occur with a growing belly. Patented, safe and highly recommended!



The super cute maternity tops and shorts set is made from a unique, patented material that is lightweight, comfy, and won’t absorb any of the lotion that you spread on your skin. So you can stay soft, and Stretch Softly.


Helps prevent stretch marks on your bum and thighs by keeping beneficial moisture where it belongs – on your skin.


Stretch Softly®Signature Oil is 9 perfect ingredients to help prevent stretch marks. Our 100% natural belly oil is perfect when used in combination with our Stretch Softly® Stretch Mark Prevention System (tank, shorts, oil).

Retail Value: $99

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