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"Sunshine, Blue Skies" Mom Box


"Sunshine, Blue Skies" Mom Box

As May arrives, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of sunnier days. Our May Mom Box collection was chosen to get you ready for a sunnier days ahead, with a full size sunscreen from ZSkin, a versatile skincare powerhouse from Previse and a luxurious coconut oil body lotion for Organic Fiji. Spring is planting season – prep your home and family for the bounty of summer with Basil seeds from SeedsNow. Happy Mother’s Day!

Coconut Oil Lotion - Pineapple Coconut Fragrance by Organic Fiji

Coconut Oil Lotion – Pineapple Coconut Fragrance by Organic Fiji, $10 for 3 oz, included

Sweet pineapple and exotic coconut collide for the perfect fruit marriage! Moisturize your skin with this creamy coconut oil lotion while you drift away to luscious beach days. Organic Fiji creates luxury, organic coconut oil products for skin, nutrition & whole body wellness. Inspired by the tropics of the Fiji Islands, we bring you artisanal offerings which are Non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, fair trade & made with USDA organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil.

Use code Ecocentricmom_cocotribe for 30% off

Marine Granules Exfoliator by Previse

Marine Granules Exfoliator by Previse, $45 for 50ml, included

Marine Granules debuted in Elle and other top publications. Your skin’s buff companion, Marine Granules contains jojoba botanical extracts blended with fossilized algae to gently exfoliate. Products containing oatmeal, crushed walnut, almond and other nut shells may cause micro-tears, which further break down dry, cracked, irritated skin. These minuscule cuts may lead to a host of other problems. Previse are bio-healthy skincare. They borrow what nature creates and return what they borrow in good faith. Previse encourage healthy ecosystems and thereby healthy ingredients. Their team does not commute to a central office. Regional disbursement allows for multiple benefits like lower carbon footprints with decreased travel. Moreover their employees maintain close community ties to evangelize Previse and influence green behavior.

Shop Previse

Organic Sunblock by Z Skin

Organic Sunblock by Z Skin, $19 for 2oz, full size included

Z Skin organic sunblock uses a unprecedented formula to help protect you from the suns harmful UV rays, while providing deep hydration, and invigorating your senses with a combination of peppermint and citrus oils. Recognizable from the show Project Runway Fashion Startup, Z Skin has become a staple in the organic cosmetics industry for its unprecedented ability to bring highly effective affordable organic products to the everyday consumer at a price they can afford. Z Skin uses a vast amount of rare and exotic herbs and oils from across the globe, which are found in no other products on the market. Being a trailblazer in the industry, Z Skin was started just under 2 years ago in a students kitchen, and has now gone onto become a globally selling brand, and was most recently named Huffington Posts #1 Beauty Brand of 2016.

Use code ZSEM1 for 20% off

Mommy Bright Eye Booster by Visha Skin Care

Mommy Bright Eye Booster by Visha Skin Care, $35 for 0.5 oz, sample included

This gentle yet luxurious formula increases hydration and moisture to soothe and protect the fragile eye contour area, providing an energized, more youthful appearance, while dramatically reducing puffiness and visibly minimizing the appearance of under-eye dark circles. Dr. Purvisha Patel, a board-certified dermatologist, created Visha Skin Care, a cost-effective brand of skin care lines used to treat multiple skin issues and suitable for both women and men of all skin types. Mommy Skin Care is formulated for dry and sensitive skin, and is safe for pregnancy and nursing.

Use code ECOMO
M20 for 20% off

Organic Watermelon Sour Twists by YumEarth

Organic Watermelon Sour Twists by YumEarth, sample included 

Organic Sour Twists put a spin on sour candy. Non-GMO, gluten-free with no dairy and no nuts these watermelon-lemonade bite sized treats are hard to resist! Organic candy company, YumEarth, started as two dads on a mission to bring something sweet and simple into the world. In ten years our little mission has grown bigger than ever including a full line of candies including lollipops, sour beans, fruit snacks and more.

Shop YumEarth

Basil Seed Packet by Seeds Now

Basil Seed Packet by Seeds Now (sample included)

Whether you are in a small city apartment or a big house in the suburbs, growing your own kitchen supplies is a fun and healthy activity for your family. This month, our Ecocentric Moms are growing their own basil plant with quality heirloom basil seeds! SeedsNow offers a collection of pure, NON-Genetically Modified, 100% NON-Hybridized, 100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated, 100% Raw & Un-treated seeds. Need any tips of growing your Basil? Check out their Grow Guide here.

Use code ecocentricmom for 15% off

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