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"Sunshine, Blue Skies" Pregnancy Box

May Pregnancy Box


"Sunshine, Blue Skies" Pregnancy Box

As May arrives, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of sunnier days. Pregnancy can mean extra sun sensitivity so taking good care of your skin has never been more important. Our May Pregnancy Box collection was chosen to help you nurture your skin before and after sun exposure with a full size organic SPF 45 sunscreen from ZSkin and a luxurious coconut oil body lotion for Organic Fiji. Spring is planting season – prep your home and family for the bounty of summer with Basil seeds from SeedsNow. Bonus Item: Our Moms to be can check one more item off their to-do list with this must have baby accessory for your very first days with baby by Goumikids. Happy Mother’s Day!

Coconut Oil Lotion - Fragrance Free by Organic Fiji

Coconut Oil Lotion – Fragrance Free by Organic Fiji, $10 for 3 oz, included

Free from fragrance or essential oils, this unscented moisturizer made with healing organic coconut oil is ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. Perfect for baby skin! Organic Fiji creates luxury, organic coconut oil products for skin, nutrition & whole body wellness. Inspired by the tropics of the Fiji Islands, we bring you artisanal offerings which are Non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, fair trade & made with USDA organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. 

Use code Ecocentricmom_cocotribe for 30% off

Organic Sunblock by Z Skin

Organic Sunblock by Z Skin, $19 for 2oz, full size included

Z Skin organic sunblock uses a unprecedented formula to help protect you from the suns harmful UV rays, while providing deep hydration, and invigorating your senses with a combination of peppermint and citrus oils. Recognizable from the show Project Runway Fashion Startup, Z Skin has become a staple in the organic cosmetics industry for its unprecedented ability to bring highly effective affordable organic products to the everyday consumer at a price they can afford. Z Skin uses a vast amount of rare and exotic herbs and oils from across the globe, which are found in no other products on the market. Being a trailblazer in the industry, Z Skin was started just under 2 years ago in a students kitchen, and has now gone onto become a globally selling brand, and was most recently named Huffington Posts #1 Beauty Brand of 2016.

Use code ZSEM1 for 20% off

Honeycomb (Cream) Goumimitts by GoumiKids

Goumimitts – Honeycomb (Cream) by Goumikds, $12 for 1 pair included

Goumimitts are mittens for infants and babies that safely support your baby in exploring, learning, growing, and wriggling. Their innovative, stay-on baby mittens give babies comfortable scratch and germ protection. They present parents with a natural, non-toxic and safe product that you will feel good about putting on your newborn. Their scratch-free baby mittens were designed to actually stay put with their signature two-part closure system that remains secure and allows for adjustable fit as your baby grows. Made of a sustainable, machine-washable blend of 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% organic cotton blend, Goumimitts are gentle on baby’s skin and kind to our planet. Because Goumimitts baby gloves are made with breathable fabric, they keep hands warm in the winter but cool in the warmer months.

Use code ECOCM15 for 15% off

Sweet Breeze Bath Bomb by Pair'd Beauty

Sweet Breeze Bath Bomb by Pair’d Beauty, $7 for Standard Bath Bomb, included

This blend cheers, calms and cools as it turns your bath a beautiful tangerine. Sweet breeze is a ​unique blend of Sweet Orange, Lavender and Peppermint. Pair’d Beauty’s goal is to produce high quality products while combining sustainable trade practices, organic agriculture, local agriculture and business with something we all love: BEAUTY PRODUCTS. All orders are made at the time of order and hand packaged. We are mindful in our production from step 1 all the way to your door.

Use code ecomommay for 15% off



Bump 2 Baby by Visha Skin Care, 0.25 oz, sample included

Bump 2 Baby is formulated for dry and sensitive skin on any individual and is safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing to prevent stretch marks and moisturize the skin during pregnancy and can also be used to prevent and treat eczema in young children. Dr. Purvisha Patel, a board-certified dermatologist, created Visha Skin Care, a cost-effective brand of skin care lines used to treat multiple skin issues and suitable for both women and men of all skin types. Mommy Skin Care is formulated for dry and sensitive skin, and is safe for pregnancy and nursing.

Use code ECOMOM20 for 20% off

Organic Watermelon Sour Twists by YumEarth

Organic Watermelon Sour Twists by YumEarth, sample included 

Organic Sour Twists put a spin on sour candy. Non-GMO, gluten-free with no dairy and no nuts these watermelon-lemonade bite sized treats are hard to resist! Organic candy company, YumEarth, started as two dads on a mission to bring something sweet and simple into the world. In ten years our little mission has grown bigger than ever including a full line of candies including lollipops, sour beans, fruit snacks and more.

Shop YumEarth

Basil Seed Packet by Seeds Now

Basil Seed Packet by Seeds Now (sample included)

Growing your own basil plant with quality heirloom basil seeds! Grow Your Own Organic Garden with SeedsNow Collection of Pure NON-Genetically Modified seeds 100% NON-Hybridized seeds 100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated seeds 100% Raw & Un-treated seeds. Need any tips of growing your Basil? Check out their Grow Guide here.

Use code ecocentricmom for 15% off

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