The no-buy challenge

put-a-pause-on-your-shopping-and-join-us-in-our-ecofriendly-challenge-_1826_40029948_0_14108062_500-300x213It’s time for some numbers: Each year, the average American generates more than 4 pounds of waste each day. Over the course of a year, that’s 1,460 pounds of trash. If you consider the entire U.S. population – some 3 billion of us – that’s more than 460,000 pounds of waste each year – a whole lot of trash any way you slice it. So, in the spirit of those New Year’s resolutions we’re all struggling to keep, we’re issuing a challenge that’s beneficial to you – and the environment too.

“Go paperless, convert to cloth products and DIY are all great ways to cut down on waste.”

For the next two weeks, we’re hoping you’ll join us in reducing our carbon footprints by putting away our wallets. Instead of stocking up on items we’ll ultimately send to the landfill, we’re hoping to find creative, sustainable solutions that work for us and our families. Are you up for the challenge? To power through the next two weeks, we have a few ideas to cut down on waste:

  • Go paperless: This one’s easy – and a no-brainer. Get rid of all that paper, by requesting that your bills be issued via email. This is a simple step most companies make available through their websites.
  • Cloth everything: Cloth diapers, especially organic pre-folds, are an affordable option when considering your family’s smallest members. Buy diaper covers used to cut down on packaging and new production. Skip paper towel rolls and instead, cut up your old duds to use for cleaning rags. Nix paper napkins in favor of cute and stylish cloth alternatives – bonus points if you find a good set used.
  • DIY: Put a pause on new beauty purchases and instead, take to the kitchen to whip up a few products of your own. Coconut oil is a luxurious moisturizer; sugar, salt and coffee grinds exfoliate, and apple cider vinegar soothes and tones. With one trip to your kitchen, you can mix your own luxurious products without stepping foot inside a store.

So, will you join us for a no-buy challenge? Chime in below with your ideas for cutting down on waste this week!

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