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Petroleum in Personal Care Products

Petroleum in Personal Care Products

Petrolatum, derived from petroleum, is an ingredient that is ideal to stay away from whenever possible. Petroleum is found in several personal care products, including cosmetics, lotions, and even hand soaps. It also contains two well-known carcinogens: Benzo-B-Fluoranthene and Benzo-A-Pyrene. This ingredient can also prevent the skin from excreting and breathing. Which Ingredients to Watch For…

GMOs in beauty products

Is It Possible to Avoid GMOs in Cosmetics?

Are you concerned about the presence of GMOs in your beauty products? Regardless of your answer, taking a few moments to educate yourself is important. Read on to learn more about GMOs and why you might not want them lurking in your everyday beauty staples including skincare products, makeup and other personal care products. If…

Shower Bath Bomb Recipe

Soothing Shower Bomb Recipe

In the dead of winter, we're always on the hunt for comfort and warmth. Find both by taking to your shower with an aromatherapy-infused shower bomb. This shower bomb recipe is simple enough to make during naptime and even easier to use. They're also luxurious and smell incredibly fragrant, too. Stock your bathroom cabinet or give…

An Essential Oils Guide for Beginners

An Essential Oils Guide for Beginners

If you're growing concerned about the toxicity in your everyday staples -- face creams, cleaning products, medicines, and more -- there's no better way to get back to basics than by experimenting with essential oils. Consider this your go-to essential oils guide for a simple and holistic approach to using them for your home, health, and…