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Your Kitchen Sponge – Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat?

Would you chop your vegetables in your bathroom? The kitchen sponge is thought to be 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, or even your garbage can and diaper pail! The many pores in the sponge serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, especially since many thrive in damp environments. Combine this with food remnants…


A Japanese Eco-Habit worth copying

The following blog post was written by Mary Wallace, the co-founder of PeopleTowels. Mary's company is committed to helping people reduce their impact on the environment by cutting back on paper towel usage. PeopleTowels were featured in the October Ecocentric Mom box and the October Ecocentric Pregnancy Box.  For a limited time, readers can save 10%…

Natural Ways to Purify Home

DIY House Cleaning Recipes

Many commercially available household cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals that haven't been shown to be safe for consumers! If you're wondering about the brands you use, check out the EWG website which contains tons of resources about toxicity in common cleaning products. There are plenty of emerging brand dedicated to offering cleaning solutions…

how to save water

16 Ways to Save Water at Home

Water is an easy resource to take for granted. After all, every time we turn on our taps we have access to it. But just because the earth is covered in the stuff, doesn't mean we have an endless supply. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that we are able to make use of just 1 percent…

Natural Ways to Purify Home

Green laundry routine + DIY dryer balls

Greening your lifestyle doesn't have to mean committing to big, sweeping changes. Even the smallest acts - such as starting a compost bin or choosing your bike over your car - can make a real impact on the earth. Consider your laundry routine: Each week, you put in a load of dirty clothes, using up…