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Non Toxic Air Fresheners

The Ultimate Guide to Non Toxic Air Fresheners

Having a house that smells inviting is a weakness of mine. While some people get headaches from the mixture of aromas wafting through many popular candle stores, I feel like a kid in a candy store who can barely contain her excitement. Even when I pass by the air freshener aisle at the grocery store, I always…

How to Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

How to Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

A waste-free lunch means there is NO trash to throw away at the end of the meal -- compost items such as banana peels or apple cores do not count as trash.  While common lunch products such as single-use bags or aluminum foil are certainly convenient, they also have a significant impact on our environment.…

Eco-Friendly, Green Cleaning Tips For Your Home

5 Eco-Friendly, Green Cleaning Tips for your Home

Green cleaning and green living, in general, is becoming increasingly important to moms and women around the world.  However, many of us were not taught eco-friendly cleaning habits growing up. Instead, many of our family cleaning supplies were locked away in a cabinet or out of reach. We were taught that the smell of bleach meant that the…

Child-Proof Bathroom

6 Easy Ways to Child-Proof Your Bathroom

Safety in the home is an important part of raising a child. Failing to take the necessary precautions to child-proof your home can lead to serious injuries. From slipping hazards to sharp corners, the bathroom can be a danger to your small children if not properly child-proofed. Here are six simple and realistic tactics for child safety in…