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Delicious Paleo Dessert Recipes

5 Paleo Desserts That Look Too Delicious To Be Healthy

You know exactly the feeling we're talking about -- that mid-morning craving for something sweet to go alongside your coffee or herbal tea, or the desire for an indulgent late-night snack before crawling into bed. Desserts can be wonderful, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Like any food, desserts and…

Natural Support for Healing After A C-Section

Natural Support for Healing After A C-Section

Natural healing after a c-section is possible. Whether your c-section was elective or a necessary result of an emergency, recovery can be difficult. Most c-sections take two full weeks to heal, and sometimes longer depending on several factors related to the mother's health and any complications. Thankfully, there is natural support for healing after a cesarean that can…

Safe Ways to Clean Car Seat

Kids Can Be Messy! Here Are Safe Ways to Clean The Car Seat

We’ve all been there. You’re riding in the car with baby and suddenly you hear or smell something not-so-mysterious. You are suddenly wondering which is worse -  staying in the car, or dealing with whatever just happened back there. Kids are messy, and whether it's bodily fluids, food, or milk, eventually your child's car seat will need…

Eco-Friendly Products for Natural Labor

5 Eco-Friendly Must Haves for a Natural Labor

Childbirth is such an incredible experience, yet there is much controversy surrounding labor and delivery options for expecting moms. Should a pregnant woman choose an OB/GYN or a midwife? What about delivering at a hospital or even having a home birth? Although medicine saves many lives, many feel that medical interventions have become too mainstream, thereby…

Sex After Baby: Finding Your New Normal

Sex After Baby: Finding Your New Normal

If you've had a baby, you are likely aware of the 'no sex for six weeks' rule. Once you get the 'ok' from your clinician at your postpartum check-up, sex often becomes a large part of the conversation between you and your partner. You might be surprised to discover, though, that sex after baby is often different -…