Ecocentric Mom Subscriptions

Treat yourself or a loved one to a subscription to Ecocentric Mom!

Ecocentric Mom Boxes are monthly care packages to support well-being in motherhood. Every item in the box is free from chemicals and toxins, made by the very best small brands, and matched exactly to your stage of pregnancy or the age of your child from pregnancy through baby's second birthday  Get ready to transform your routine, head to (baby) toes!

There are 2 options for Ecocentric Mom Box subscriptions:

  • MONTH-TO-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION This option charges your card once a month on the 5th, and the box goes out around the 20th of the month. Skip a month or cancel anytime though your account login!

    ***Check PREPAID to save some $$! This  charges your card on a pre-set term of your choice. At the end of the prepaid term, your card will be charged again. You can still skip months or cancel anytime through your account login!***

  • GIFT Have a mama-to-be or mama and baby that you'd love to pamper with a monthly gift box? This is the place for you! Choose your gift term (more months means more $ saved per box!) and boxes will be sent for that set amount of time. When the term ends, your card will not be charged again. Include a gift note in the first box for free!

If you're interested in sending all 4 of our Trimester Gift Boxes, send the expecting mother an ECM Trimester & Newborn Gift Set - Quarterly Subscription! Unlike our Ecocentric Mom Box subscription, this box goes out once per quarter based on the baby's due date, so mama will receive a box in her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester, as well as a 4th box after baby has been born!

When will the first subscription box ship?