Mega Pedisoak by London's Pedisoak

Mega Pedisoak by London's Pedisoak

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Naturally luxe, botanical-based and handcrafted foot care creates to elevate your foot care ritual. London’s Pedisoaks address daily common feet frustrations like aches, pains, roughness and dryness. We believe happy feet, happy life.

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Why We Love Hydrating Pedisoak by London's Pedisoak

Addressing all feet frustrations

Clarify, moisturize and revitalize your feet

A three salt blend with multiple skin changing moisturizers and astringents that will gently exfoliate your fee

Why it's Eco





4 oz

How to use

Pour half the contents of pouch into warm water. Soak feet for 15 minutes. Remove dead skin with hands. Moisturize Feet after soaking.

About London's Pedisoak

London's Pedisoaks are handcrafted with purposeful ingredients. Their cruelty-free, non-toxic foot care products are American-made soothing, reviving and gently smoothing your feet. All of their ingredients are carefully selected to elevate your foot care rituals.

Their line caters to daily feet dilemmas such as tired hardworking feet, achy & pained feet, dry skin, cracked heels, foot odor, fungus and calluses. Their mission is to create premium quality foot care products that provide effective results. They believe, "Happy feet. Happy life".