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x_0_0_0_14107000_300Water isn’t quite the renewable resource some think it is. As a result, many cities across the country and around the globe are in a severe drought. Luckily, we can control how much water we use, which is good since climate change and population growth are two major factors as to why lakes and rivers are experiencing never-before-seen decreases in water levels.

By doing what we can do decrease our water usage, we can make sure that there’s enough for people to drink, plants to survive and the planet to continuing thriving.

Ways you can conserve water

Don’t put trash down the garbage disposal. When you pour toxic materials including cleansers and medications down the drain, they’re going to eventually make their way into a body of water only to be put back into the drinking water system. If you want to get rid of harmful materials like paint and oil, you should call your local sanitation, public works or environmental health department to learn more about hazardous-waste collection days.

Save water by skipping the pre-rinse cycle. Although you may like putting pre-rinsed dishes in the dishwasher, all that extra water is going to waste. You should scrape any excess food off the plate or bowl and into the trash, and let your dishwater do the cleaning.

Some dishwater will allow you to adjust the settings, which can help you save water. If you can, switch the dishwasher to the eco water-saving mode. You may also want to consider turning off the dryer setting to save on household energy costs.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances. This can help you reduce the amount of water you use to wash dishes and clothes. An energy-saving washing machine can save as many as 18 gallons of water per load.

Take shorter showers to reduce your water consumption. When you cut back your shower and make it less than five minutes long, you can save up to 1,000 gallons of water.

Turn the water off while brushing your teeth. You should also do this when washing your hands.

Don’t throw tissues in the toilet. While it seems convenient to flush your tissues and feminine products down the toilet, throwing them away in the trash will save you water.

Buy concentrated cleaning products because they contain less water. Concentrated products also require less packaging as well as less energy to make.

If you have a dog, pick up after him or her. It’s probably not something that you’ve thought about, but the harmful bacteria found in your canine’s feces can actually wash into storm drains and get into the water system.

Support companies that are forward-thinking. You may not have the time to research this, but only buy products and good from companies that are reducing their water waste. For example, Ford committed to cutting back its water usage per vehicle by 30 percent by 2015. It also wants to reduce its total global water use by 10 billion gallons.

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