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Subscription Box for Pregnancy
The Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Box is designed to give the mama-to-be a peaceful, comfortable pregnancy and get her ready for life with baby. Expect to receive beauty, home, nutritional, pregnancy and baby essentials that you'll need along the way. Switch to the mom and baby box at any time.
subscription box for new moms
The Ecocentric Mom & Baby Box is for a new mom with a baby up to 18 months old. Each box will include items for both mom and her little one, designed especially to promote healthy, nontoxic family life. Each box includes products ranging from beauty, home & snack (for mom) to baby care, gear and toys (for baby).
Ecocentric Mom Box
Select the Mom Box if you want to receive healthy, non-toxic items for any mom (or any woman!) ranging from beauty to home care to snack to eco-friendly lifestyle products. Each box contains both full size & sample sized products plus something to use forever. This box is all about caring for mom and helping mom care for her family.