Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set by Full Circle Home
Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set by Full Circle Home

Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set by Full Circle Home

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A full set that contains two spray bottles, one mixing container, two juicers, one microfibre cleaning cloth, one Clean House Green House guide and reusable stickers for labelling your home made cleaning mixtures. Made from Bonterra plant based bioplastic, this Come Clean set allows you to make your own natural cleaning solutions; much healthier and safer for your home and office. There’s a recipe book which shows you have to make your own cleaning products with ingredients easily found on any supermarket shelf.

The entire range of Full Circle products is made with the aim of being durable, user-friendly, and a better environmental choice than standard cleaning and kitchen wares.

About Full Circle Home:

Full Circle is committed to developing safer, more beautiful, super functional products that contribute to a healthier planet.

The name Full Circle comes from the philosophy that a product’s life cycle should be cyclical, rather than linear. Products made from materials that come from the earth can have long, functional lives, and then return from where they came, rather than collecting in a landfill. Full Circle believes in constantly striving to do things better. Because while there may be a finite number of resources in the world, there’s an infinite number of ways to use them more wisely.

Why We Love Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set by Full Circle Home:

  • An amazing recipe book with everything you need to know to make your own cleaning solutions
  • Complete cleaning set includes: 2 spray bottles, 1 mixing container, 2 removable juicers, 1 microfiber cleaning cloth, 1 recipe book, 7 reusable labels

Why it’s Eco:

  • Cleans without toxic chemicals for a baby and pet-friendly home
  • Built in lemon juicer adds a fresh scent with disinfecting power