Cotton Elf Caps by Sckoon

Cotton Elf Caps by Sckoon

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Super-soft and comfortable cap made of 100% Egyptian Organic cotton. Protects baby's head gently all year round. Made to match Sckoon's elf pants in white color. One size for head size up to 17.5 inches (44cm), age 0-9 month.

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Why We Love Cotton Elf Caps by Sckoon

Super-soft and comfortable

Protects baby's head gently all year round

Why it's Eco

Made of 100% Egyptian Organic cotton

About Sckoon

Sckoon knows you don't think comfort and reliability should be boring, and neither do they. Their trademark style is whimsy, with a bit of creative flourish thrown in for color and excitement. Not to mention their unconventional ways. Where else will you find a dog kimono? Bold prints, bright colors made with environmentally friendly dyes, and Japanese Ninja Kimonos on baby clothes are some of the fun things you'll find at Sckoon. Designed for fun, designed for you.