Daughter Moon Potion by Gypsy Soul Organics

Daughter Moon Potion by Gypsy Soul Organics

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DAUGHTER MOON is Gypsy's must-have all natural perfume... evokes a romantic atmosphere of a mysterious, dreamy nirvana.Deeply floral perfume potion blossoms with fragrant roses blooming in a secret garden. These botanical babies are the perfect NATURAL perfume alternative to your old synthetic fragrance perfumes!

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Why We Love Daughter Moon Potion by Gypsy Soul Organics 

Each apothecary amber glass potion produces approximately 350 pumps of natural botanical mist

Perfect as a natural organics daily perfume

Calming room spray

Why it's Eco




2oz bottle


Organic rose eo. organic rosewood eo. organic coconut oil. organic purified spring water.

About Gypsy Soul Organics 

Gypsy Soul Organics is a 100% natural plant-based aromatherapy home & beauty products created by hand with an intention to heal and bring happiness to your daily life! What began as a seed planted within owner Amy Hughes' heart during a yoga practice... began to sprout and bud within her kitchen... and organically, blossom and buzz, as she traveled her gypsy wagon to craft and trade shows to share and offer her handmade goods.