Eye Pillow


Relax with a beautiful lavender scented Eye Pillow by Grainbow. This cotton eye pillow is great for meditation, yoga, or resting. Keep it in place with elegant ties. Weighted with just the right amount of rice and dried lavender. Lavender helps calm as the gentle weight helps relax.

Not for microwave use.

All Grainbow Eye Pillows are made with high quality lavender for a wonderful, and calming scent!

Why We Love Eye Pillows by Grainbow

Calm your busy mind with the aromatherapy of high-quality lavender

Cute fabrics (yours will be a surprise!)

Versatile product that moms-to-be, moms and kids alike will enjoy

Why it's Eco:

Handmade product


About Grainbow

Grainbow Hot Packs is a brand that brings warmth and happiness to its customers. We make products here in the USA that are lavender scented and provide comfort for all. Our most popular product is the original 6" hot pack that can be microwaved or frozen for a wonderful aromatherapy experience.

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