Gourmet Lactation Cookies by Milk’n Mama

Gourmet Lactation Cookies by Milk’n Mama

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Milk’n Mama gourmet lactation cookies are all natural, GMO free and effective for boosting milk supply. Have a treat and get a boost!

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Why We Love Gourmet Lactation Cookies by Milk’n Mama

Helps boost your milk supply

Whole rolled oats, chocolate in every bite with subtle hints of
honey and cinnamon

Why it's Eco


GMO Free

100% Natural Ingredients


Cookie 2-pack

About Milk’n Mama

Milk'n Mama believes that as breastfeeding Mamas they deserve a special goodie that is just for them. Breastfeeding is beautiful…but it can be difficult and extremely stressful at times. Milk'n Mama have spent a lot of time developing recipes that taste amazing, are effective, and are healthy enough to nourish their bodies so that they’re ready to tackle any breastfeeding hurdles that come their way.