Homeopathic Postpartum Blues Spray by Liddell

Homeopathic Postpartum Blues Spray by Liddell

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Postpartum Blues, a homeopathic remedy, is a non-toxic, natural approach to providing relief. Two sprays under the tongue might be just what you need to help you through this phase of childbirth. Because it’s natural, non-toxic and non-habit forming, Postpartum Blues is also safe for mom to take during breast feeding.

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Why We Love Homeopathic Postpartum Blues Spray by Liddell:

Fast absorption

Easy to swallow

Accurate-dose spray pump

Why it’s Eco:

No known negative side effects

No known contraindications

No known drug interactions


Aconitum nap 30C
Ambra 30C
Hypericum 3X
Ignatia 30C
Nux vom 200C
Spigelia anth 6X

How to use:

Mothers: Spray twice under the tongue three times per day. For acute symptoms, dosage may be administered up to six times per day.


1 fl oz