Honeycomb (Cream) Goumimitts by GoumiKids

Honeycomb (Cream) Goumimitts by GoumiKids

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Goumimitts are mittens for infants and babies that safely support your baby in exploring, learning, growing, and wriggling. Their innovative, stay-on baby mittens give babies comfortable scratch and germ protection. They present parents with a natural, non-toxic and safe product that you will feel good about putting on your newborn.
Their scratch-free baby mittens were designed to actually stay put with their signature two-part closure system that remains secure and allows for adjustable fit as your baby grows. Made of a sustainable, machine-washable blend of 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% organic cotton blend, Goumimitts are gentle on baby’s skin and kind to our planet. Because Goumimitts baby gloves are made with breathable fabric, they keep hands warm in the winter but cool in the warmer months.

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Why We Love Honeycomb (Cream) Goumimitts by GoumiKids:

Stay On No Matter What: The signature two-part closure combines a strong Velcro strap with ample elastic around the wrist to prevent even the most active child from removing the mittens and causing harm or scratches to their face and body

Promotes Brain and Eye Development: high contrast, bold patterns are reversible and specifically designed to promote infant brain and eye development allowing your child to explore, learn and grow without scratches and protection from germs

Why it’s Eco:

Luxuriously Soft and Organic: machine washable, breathable mitts are made from 70% bamboo-derived viscose / 30% organic cotton and are naturally antimicrobial providing protection in the summer or winter from germs and the elements for your newborn or baby

Scratch and Germ Free: GoumiKids Goumimitts provide the worry-free protection your infant needs from scratches, germs, rubbing their face, and sucking on hand & fingers; Especially good for children with eczema, skin allergies, dry, flaky skin, cradle cap or colicky babies


0-3 months

About GoumiKids

Goumikids was born six years ago when two high school friends found themselves on a journey to make good. As new moms, they were both having trouble finding scratch-proof mittens that actually stayed on. So, in true Portland-style, they decided to develop a solution, and in the process, they created a company that they would love to work for; one that allowed them to be both parents and entrepreneurs.

Their first product, the goumimitt, hit the shelves in September, 2011, and they've never looked back.