Love Knit Baby Sonogram Frame

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Meeting our babies for the first time through an ultrasound was always a moment to cherish. Searching for a heartbeat on one of our babies at 10 weeks, and those moments of waiting when it was not found-and then discovered is another life altering moment. 

We know not all ultrasounds end well. We know many tears have been shed, hearts broken, dreams ended. Our hearts go out to you moms and dads. Moms, even if you never were able to hold your baby, that baby was in you, and you were their momma, and your love held them for every moment of their life.

These frames are for those moments. When you became a mom and saw your baby for the first time. Or perhaps the only time. Those vivid points in your motherhood journey. When your heart exploded and the love of a mother overtook your entire being and you felt love that you had never felt before.

These frames are for those dads. Who saw their heart outside of their body for the first time. When you realized your woman was a superhero--growing a baby inside of her. When you first glimpsed a tiny person who would grow to mimic everything that you do.

These frames are for you to share these moments with others. Adoring grandparents. Aunts, uncles, friends. Cherish those moments and always remember love's first look.