Natural Breath Spray by Moondani
Natural Breath Spray by Moondani
Natural Breath Spray by Moondani

Natural Breath Spray by Moondani

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Moondani is a brand new to market natural breath spray for the health conscious and beauty conscious female on the go.  Moondani believes that fresh breath should be as essential as lip gloss and mascara and it should look great in a makeup bag or purse without the chemicals.  Moondani natural breath spray is made of herbs that work naturally to freshen your breath – it’s main ingredient is cardamom which is a natural breath freshener and has a number of other health benefits as well!  All ingredients are either organic or non-gmo.


Suggested Use:  Shake well before using.  Spray 1 or 2 times in the mouth to cleanse and freshen breath.

Flavor:  Mystical Mint

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Ginger Extract, Cardamom Oil, Fennel Oil, Natural Flavors (food oils)

Net Weight:  5 ml

No additives, preservatives, alcohol, or sweeteners!

Why it's Awesome:

This handy little item can replace your stock of gum, mints and candies

Powerful breath-freshening properties made from all-natural ingredients

Why it's Eco:

Made from organic, natural, and non-gmo ingredients

Sustainably made (Moondani chooses Glycerin that is made from natural fermentation instead of industrial hydrolysis)

Most breath sprays on the market are full of yucky additives, artificial flavors, and artificial colors -check out the back of your tic tac pack if you're in doubt!