Paci Clip by Billy Goat
Paci Clip by Billy Goat

Paci Clip by Billy Goat (various designs)

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Rust-free, durable, safe & stylish pacifier clips for boys & girls. They are plastic, they are safe, they don’t rust and they grip better without ruining your babies clothing. They are made at the perfect length so they don’t run long and hang on the ground. Also, they are made from grosgrain material which is very durable with superior stitching.

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Why We Love Paci Clip by Billy Goat

Safe plastic clip that can also be easily removed prior to wash

Saves you money. Little pacifier clip holders will save you hundreds of dollars over their lifetime.

Why it's Eco

Rust free, worry free

Universal multifunctional pacifier clips are made of durable grosgrain that won’t fray, bunch up or shrink like other brands when you throw them in the wash

About Billy Goat

Billy Goat Baby Gear, a Denver-based company, is infusing joy, excitement, and creativity into everything they produce. They strive to use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to make your baby as comfortable and stylish as can be. Whether buying a gift for a loved one's baby shower or registry or just as a gift for your little one, Billy Goat Baby Gear takes great care to make the ideal products for the baby with a subtle touch of amusement for the parents. Watch out for the mischievous little goat!