Pulling Oil by Masigi

Pulling Oil by Masigi

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Masigi Pulling Oil is made from 100% organic ingredients and absolutely nothing else. It is conveniently packaged in individual servings, perfect for those on the go!

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Why We Love Pulling Oil by Masigi

Individual packets make oil pulling while on the go and traveling convenient.

Pre-portioned servings keeps it simple to practice oil pulling.

No cleanup or greasy spoons with Masigi Pulling Oil.

Why it's Eco

Proprietary blends using organic essential oils provide a delicious taste for you to swish with.

All the benefits that come along with the practice of oil pulling.


4 stickpacks

About Masigi

Masigi cultivates healthy habits, to ditching the products laced with harsh chemicals and replacing them with healthier alternatives, they stumbled upon one item that we could integrate in to nearly every facet of our healthy lifestyles and also lived up to all its great health claims.

MASIGI is a combination of two Filipino (Tagalog) words: MAS which means “more” and IGI which means “goodness, wellness, harmony, excellence.” Together, Masigi means more goodness, more wellness, or more harmony - all things we know you’ll experience with a daily oil pulling practice using Masigi Pulling Oils.