Purest Palm Body Brush by Earth Therapeutics

Purest Palm Body Brush by Earth Therapeutics

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Dry brushing has many great benefits, like shedding dead skin cells, decreasing ingrown hair, and improving circulation. The Purest Palm Body Brush by Earth Therapeutics is a vegetable brush made from 100% Japanese palm fiber. This fantastic beauty must-have is great as a dry brush but can also be used wet. Add it to your beauty regimen today!


Why It's Awesome

Helps shed unwanted dead skin cells, leaving you glowing and fresh

Boosts circulation

Can be used wet or dry

Why It's Eco

Made from 100% Japanese palm fiber

Free of harmful chemicals and toxins


100% Japanese palm fiber

How to Use

Begin brushing at your feet and use long sweeping motions towards your heart - always dry brush towards your heart! Brush several times in each area, overlapping as you brush. Take care when brushing over sensitive areas. Once you've finished brushing, shower. Continue to brush 1-2x daily.


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