Restful Baby by SHINE

Restful Baby by SHINE

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SHINE is the clean, green, simple routine you’re looking for. SHINE’s Restful Baby is a plant-based, gentle formula for babies 3-months and older. It’s a great alternative to store-bought lotions.

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Why We Love Restful Baby by SHINE

Great alternative to store-bought lotions

Good for the mind, body and soul as you connect with baby at the end of the day using this formula to gently massage into baby’s skin

Plant-based and gentle formula

Why it's Eco




Almond Oil, Lavender, Chamomile

How to use

Use on baby after bath, before bedtime or naps. Remove dropper and place formula in hand as you gently massage baby. Safely diluted for babies 3 months and older.


1oz glass dropper bottle


The concept of SHINE is to collaborate with other souls; bring their passion to life and encourage and empower them to share it with others - SHINE! That is why we are determined to build a SHINE community were soulful friends and like-minded individuals can share their love and passion with others.