Resveratrol Dark Chocolate by ReChoc

Resveratrol Dark Chocolate by ReChoc

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ReChoc is a next generation dark chocolate developed to maximize the bioavailability of polyphenols known for their nutritional benefits: epicatechins from cocoa and resveratrol from aronia.

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Why We Love Resveratrol Dark Chocolate by ReChoc

Unmatched bioavailability and bioactivity levels of polyphenols

Promotes healthy blood glucose levels

Supports cardiovascular health

Why it's Eco

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Reduces oxidative stress (the main cause of aging)

Supports mitochondrial metabolism or “muscle repair”


3-piece sample box

About ReChoc

ReChoc develop innovative, clinically tested, functional food products to enrich the daily diet with innovative ingredients and formulas from their ongoing research into the benefits of cacao and other polyphenols such as resveratrol.