Starry Night Ball by Rubbabu

Starry Night Ball by Rubbabu

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The Rubbabu Starry Night Ball is a soft, velvety ball that bounces well on floors and carpets. Made from foamed natural rubber it's squishy and safe for babies and toddlers. The tactile texture makes it fun to hold and engages kids for endless hours of active play.

Why We Love Starry Night Ball by Rubbabu

Brightly colored, squishy and velvety-soft, this toy is attractive and a lot of fun to touch, hold and play with.

Simple shapes designed for imaginative play.

These are toys that appeal to a 3-month old as well as a four-year-old, they grow with your baby and don't get boring.

Retail Value: $7.99

Why it's Eco

Soft and safe for all ages. Made from natural rubber foam and flocked with an easy-to-clean child-safe nylon.

Appropriate and safe for children with many types of special needs.


4" Diameter