Virgin Marula Oil by Ayr Skin Care

Virgin Marula Oil by Ayr Skin Care

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Virgin Marula Oil is considered one of the best skincare products on the market. The light and moisturizing oil is coveted as a “miracle oil” and has been used for thousands of years to soothe and hydrate skin.

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Why We Love Virgin Marula Oil by Ayr Skin Care

Deeply Moisturizes the Skin

Helps Balance Natural Oil Production

Leaves Skin Feeling Soft and Supple

Why it's Eco



Non comedogenic


1 fl. oz. / 30 ml.

About AYR Skin Care

Ayr Skin Care is a natural skincare line dedicated to offering nontoxic and healthy products for all skin types. Our face and body care products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and they’re also paleo-approved!