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flowers in a vaseOften times, if you were to do an internal check-in, we are running to keep up with a schedule, that’s other than our own. An underlying feeling of yearning for self-care unfelt is like wanting what you don’t have. The work though is not against us, as we may think that if we take the time to rest, to be more easeful, things may crumble. So we keep going and the yearning persists.

We have gathered a few self-care activities to untangle the deepest parts of ourselves for more radiance, joy, acceptance and overall well-being.


Practicing gratitude has immeasurable benefits for the brain, body, health and relationships. It is like a tonic of contentment that nourishes so much of what makes us want to run from feeling good. Write a thank you note to someone out of the blue to activate good feelings in a relationship.

Restorative Yoga

is not only for retreats, or experienced yogis. Each of us could benefit from a daily practice of a few postures. A weekly class cleans out the central nervous system and reveals greater depths to feeling inside of your self for support.

Grass and Trees

Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing outside in the parkThe more natural parts of our life ultimately heal our bodies. While a long workout in the gym has benefits, lying in the grass or walking barefoot in a green pasture does wonders for the lymph system and the brain.


Take Space from EMF’s

We all get tempted to Facebook in the evening once the kids are asleep and a worker bee awakens. Practice taking space from your phone and computer throughout the day, such as at lunch or on a walk and in the evening (when our vital energy is crying out to release the day’s energy) and see if you feel a bit more relaxed on the inside. 😉

Make Being Well Rested a Priority

When you see someone who glows, you just know they are getting good sleep. It is easy to slip into a happy pregnant woman sleeping on sofa at homepattern of getting things done later into the evening. Instead aim to wind down 1-2 hours before bed, with no cleaning or being on the computer. Try even a foot soak in the tub followed by a self foot massage!

Schedule Small Bits of Self-Time

To be in shape, or calm inside, does not have to mean a 90 min yoga class or full gym session. Even 5-10 minutes of deep breathing, strolling the neighborhood, journaling or day-dreaming wakes the energy for a positive stream of well-being.

See more self-care activities and healthy living resources and ways to restore your serenity on the Ecocentric Mom Blog.

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