Coconut Hair Mask by Radha Beauty

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Revitalize your hair with this all-natural, deep conditioning coconut hair mask!

Free of harsh chemicals and additives, the Coconut Hair Mask by Radha Beauty is a trinity of hair renewing coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter. This mask is safe for all hair types and helps moisturize, repair, and restore hair back to peak health. Use it to decrease damage and dryness or simply to maintain already healthy hair. The natural oils and other ingredients provide root to tip repair, which leaves you with softer, smoother looking hair. You’ll also love this product if you’re looking to add volume, shine, or growth. Try it today or gift it to a friend!

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Why It’s Awesome

Safely repairs and restores hair

Great for both maintenance and the treatment of damaged hair

Free of harsh chemicals or additives

Why It’s Eco

Made with all-natural ingredients

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