Mosquito Candle by Murphy’s Naturals

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With the beautiful summer weather comes many unwanted mosquitos! Made from 100% natural and sustainable plant based ingredients, the Mosquito Candle by Murphy’s Naturals is a great way to ward off these unwelcome pests without any harsh chemicals. The Mosquito Candle is naturally free of DEET, petroleum, and other toxins typically found in candles, so moms can feel good about using the Mosquito Candle around their tiniest family members. With 30 hours of burn time, that’s a lot of cookouts, camping trips, and stargazing nights that your family can enjoy free of mosquitos, safely and naturally.


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Why We Love Mosquito Candle by Murphy’s Naturals

30 hours of burn time, which means more time spent outdoors!

A safe and effective way to ward off mosquitos

Refreshing, pleasant fragrance

Why It’s Eco

Free of DEET, petroleum, and other toxins

Made with natural and effective essential oils

Created from certified responsibly sourced palm wax


• citronella oil: 1.5%
• lemongrass oil: 1.5%
• rosemary oil: 2.0%

• palm oil: 95%*
*Certified Responsibly Sourced

How to Use

Follow all warning guidelines before removing the lid and lighting the wicks. For optimal performance, burn the candle for a maximum of three hours at a time and before relighting, and trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time before burning.


  • Never leave a burning repellent candle unattended.
  • Always burn within sight.
  • Place candle so there is no danger of it lighting foliage or other things that catch fire.
  • Keep children and pets away from the burning repellent candle.



Casey is a wahm of two little girls, Ellie and Zoe. She’s the owner of Ecocentric Mom and is passionate about helping fellow mamas live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle by discovering natural products and mind/body wellness. In her free time, Casey loves running marathons and making sandcastles with Ellie at the beach near her home in East Hampton.


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