Murph the Monkey by Squeak n Snap


Make it easier to capture baby’s best smiles. This Murph the Monkey Squeak and Snap is an easy and fun way to take pictures of your children (or pets!).  It’s so simple to use – open the camera app on your smart phone & plug it in. Squeeze firmly on the Monkey’s stomach, which will create a “squeak” (causing your children or pets to look at the camera) and it will instantly “snap” a picture.  You’ll get amazing pictures you can cherish forever. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

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Why it’s Awesome:

Squeak n Snap is super easy to use – just plug it in and snap away

Clever & cute way to get your little one’s attention for pics

Why it’s Eco:

A portion of all proceeds go to the American Humane Association & Toys For Tots.

To Use:

(1) Open the “Camera” app on your iDevice (iPod, iPhone, or iPad, running iOS 5.0 or greater) or your Android phone
(2) Plug in SqueakNSnap™ into your Device
(3) Squeeze the belly of the SqueakNSnap™
(4) Squeeze firmly and it will “squeak” the SqueakNSnap™ while triggering the camera shutter on your Device
(5) You’ll get amazing pictures of your pets and children who are now focused on the camera!!!


Casey is a wahm of two little girls, Ellie and Zoe. She’s the owner of Ecocentric Mom and is passionate about helping fellow mamas live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle by discovering natural products and mind/body wellness. In her free time, Casey loves running marathons and making sandcastles with Ellie at the beach near her home in East Hampton.


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