November 2016 “No Scary Stuff” Box

In honor of Halloween, we helped our subscribers steer clear of the scary stuff lurking in many of their personal care & baby products by introducing them to some fantastic brands with quality natural ingredients. Shampoo in your toothpaste? Petroleum on your nipples or your baby’s bum? No thank you! Detox your beauty regimen with Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Gel and David’s Natural Toothpaste. Is the new fall weather bringing unwanted germs? Ditch the creepy, toxic ingredients and reach for the Oilogic Essential Oil Roll-On. We even threw in a delicious snack without any surprise ingredients. Discover pure & natural alternatives that work great without the “scary!”  For young babies, the October box included our adorable Ecocentric Mom Baby Milestone Stickers. Older babies received the super cute puppet book pictured here.

Click here to see more about this month’s Mom and Baby box in detail.  Other versions of the box include the November Mom Box and the November Pregnancy Box.

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