Foaming Hand Soap by Kosmatology


Why would you want to wash your hands or your kids’ hands with a product laden with harmful chemicals?! These foaming hand soaps contain only 8 simple ingredients are made the old fashioned way. Choose from a variety of pleasing scents from a blend of organic essential oils. The amazing pumps create a thick foam perfect for adults and children alike.

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Why We Love Foaming Hand Soap by Kosmatology:

Create a healthier hand-washing habit for every sink in the house

Available in delicious scents and

The amazing pumps create a thick foam perfect for adults and children alike.

Why it’s Eco:

No Parabens or Phthalates
No Sodium Lauryl or Sodium Laureth Sulfates
No Triclosan
No Animal Testing
No Animal Derived Ingredients


8.5 oz.

Directions for Use:  2.65 o

To use:

Apply to wet hands, work into thick lather and rinse off. Note that since this product contain no anti-caking chemicals, the spout may begin to “shoot” foam or become clogged completely. To remedy this, just use a toothpick or a veggie skewer to clean the spout so the pump will work perfectly again!


Casey is a wahm of two little girls, Ellie and Zoe. She’s the owner of Ecocentric Mom and is passionate about helping fellow mamas live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle by discovering natural products and mind/body wellness. In her free time, Casey loves running marathons and making sandcastles with Ellie at the beach near her home in East Hampton.


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