Redeem a Gift Code

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Lucky you! You received a gift credit to Ecocentric Mom. To redeem your gift credit please do the following:

  1. Select the number of boxes you were gifted and the type of box you wish to receive below.
  2. Select “add to cart”
  3. Enter the gift code you were provided (hint: it begins with ‘cc’) in the Coupon Code field on the following page
  4. Enter your shipping address and your first box will be shipped on our regular monthly cycle (i.e. if you are placing this order after the 24th of the month, you will receive a box in the last week of the following month. If you are placing this order prior to the 25th, you will receive a box later the same month.)

This gift redemption order is a one-time order and will not auto-renew. You will be shipped the number of boxes in your order and that’s it! If you wish to begin a subscription, you may use your gift code to check out on the Subscribe page of our website. (Subscribers may cancel at any time.) Enjoy your gift!


Earn up to 30 Points.

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