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On the Go Lemon Water Glass Travel Bottle by Full Circle Home

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Do you love the taste of lemon water and are often hydrating on the go? The Wherever Water Lemon Water Glass Travel Bottle by Full Circle Home is an eco-friendly and convenient way to get your favorite citrus-boosted water, anywhere you are. The innovative citrus reamer adds your favorite citrus taste to your water from fresh fruit, without exposing your water to any harmful chemicals. This glass bottle is also healthy and free of leached toxins from plastic counterparts. Never leave home without it!

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Product Description

Why We Love On the Go Lemon Water Glass Travel Bottle by Full Circle Home

Allows you to hydrate on the go with your favorite citrus flavors

Innovative design lets you reap the benefits of fruit without the harsh chemicals

Why It’s Eco

Uses clean, green glass – the healthiest choice for re-usable bottles

Decrease waste left from traditional disposable water bottles

BPA free


Glass, Tritan™, recycled plastic, silicone

How to Use

Juice. Infuse. Enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of lemon, grapefruit or orange, you can give a little extra pep in your 64oz a day with this reusable travel bottle. Fill the bottle with water, juice half of the fruit into the bottle by squeezing and twisting around the citrus reamer, compost the rind (or use it as great natural cleaner), apply the lid and enjoy!


20 oz



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