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healthy berries juiceTo help you and your children stay healthy, you need to add the right foods to your diet. One way to fight off infections and diseases and improve overall well-being is to eat superfoods. Some of the best superfoods to add to your diet include bananas and blueberries. They’re rich in antioxidants and potassium and have properties that can keep you healthy.

What to know about bananas

Bananas are a favorite among families because they’re easy to eat and have just the right amount of sweetness. This tasty fruit has four times more protein than apples, two times the vitamins and minerals, twice the carbs, five times the vitamin A and iron and three times the phosphorus.

What bananas are most well-known for are the high amount of potassium they contain, packing a whopping 422 milligrams of the mineral. Thanks to its richness of potassium, bananas can help control your heart rate and blood pressure.

There are natural remedies bananas can help overcome. They can improve your mental health by elevating your mood, help overcome depression and relieve seasonal effective disorder (a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year).

According to the Imperial College of London, children who eat bananas are 34 percent less likely to develop asthma. These powerful fruits can also help protect against muscle cramps and constipation and even relieve heartburn because they are a natural antacid.

xWhen you think of the health benefits that bananas can provide, eating them is what typically comes to mind. What most people don’t know is that banana peels have several uses and remedies as well. Banana peels have the amazing ability to remove warts. This is done by placing a piece of the banana peel against the wart and taping the peel in place. It isn’t uncommon for children to get bug bites, and banana peels can alleviate the itching by rubbing the inside of a peel against the problem area.

Improving your health with blueberries

Blueberries are a powerful little fruit thanks to their nutrient-dense skin. The superfood is high in antioxidants and flavonoids such as polyphenols, reservatrol and quercetin. Since blueberries are low in sugar compared to other fruits, they won’t cause your blood sugar to go up.

Blueberries can help treat symptoms of chronic conditions such as heart disease, memory loss and cancer because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

According to Mother Earth Living, blueberries can have anti-cancer effects because they can reduce oxidation as well as inflammation, both of which can promote cancer. The proanthocyanidins can help decrease the growth of certain prostate cancer cells and prevent colon cancer.

It seems that we’re always trying to find ways to keep our skin looking healthy and young. In this case, blueberries are the way to go because they’re rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and anthocyanins, all of which help to keep skin looking youthful. You can make a mask to apply topically or make them a regular part of your diet.

Other health benefits of blueberries include lowering the risk of heart attack in women by 34 percent, according to Mother Earth Living. They also help improve bone density and vision and prevent urinary tract infections.

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