I have subscribed to many boxes over the years, but none have compared to EcocentricMom. All of the other boxes have fallen away but I will never give up this box. The constant value of the box is incredible! I found this amazing box while I was pregnant with my now almost 4 year old second child. I used to spend countless hours searching and researching products for my first born. Finding EcocentricMom simplified my life so much. During those infant years the box introduced me to super cool useful kid products. Now that my little one is older and I get the Mom box I feel it is gift I give myself every month. Being a full time working Mom I feel I do not get any "me time", so every month I have a little "loving me" ritual centering around opening the box. Honestly I forget to schedule time for myself; getting the box is my mindfulness mediation reminder. I hide away, sip tea, and very slowly and methodically un-box and read about it each product. I make a thankfulness list and next month to-do list at the same time. Thank you EcocentricMom.

Love, love, love my gift box! I used the Shea Moisture products immediately. They were perfect for my newborn and smelled great. And the milestone stickers are excellent! Thanks!!

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I absolutely love the Ecocentric Mom mom boxes. I have been a regular subscriber for the past year. I am a busy mom with four kids and also work as a pediatrician. Finding products that are healthy for my family and good for the environment is a priority for me, and Ecocentric Mom makes it so easy. The boxes are full of a wide variety of products that I am now hooked on using. I think the boxes area a great value too. I cannot believe how many full size items I have received over the year, plus super cute products like totes and dish towels. I have also found this to be the perfect gift for my friends that are hard to shop for.

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, we decided then and there to begin taking seriously an organic and sustainable lifestyle. Receiving fun things for me, from makeup to organic snacks to sunscreen, as well as fun things for our baby to come such as bath toys and bandana bibs, it was truly like receiving a 'congratulations' gift every month. My husband and I look forward each month to opening the box together. Ecocentric Mom has brought so much joy to our growing family.

Just received my first box and I love it! So much fun to check out all of the awesome brands and test out the goodies!

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I love my mom box this month (to name a few) the vitamins, reusable drink pouch, and skin care products were awesome; it's hard to choose a favorite. I love everything!!!

Thanks for the love used in putting your mystery boxes together. Opening the box always puts a smile on my face!