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x_1826_668370_0_14099284_500_0Between all of the things that you do for baby to keep him or her entertained, you may notice that the car seat is looking a little dirty.

It’s actually quite amazing just how messy these little humans can be. Whether they’re throwing their puffs all over the back seat, dropping crumbs in the bottom of the car seat or tipping their bottle upside down, it’s a wonder how the car seat has survived this long.

Keep your car seat in tip-top shape

Not only are these things pretty expensive, but you want to be able to use it if you plan on having another baby or want to sell it in the future.When you’re in search of tips to keep your car seat clean, try these:

  • Use the washing machine: It’s easy to forget that it’s possible to remove the car seat cover and wash it, but you can. This is perhaps the best way to get all of the crumbs and stains out of the car seat and have it looking good as new. Take the car seat cover off, shake the crumbs out and run it through the washing machine. Let it hang dry and reattach.
  • Wipe it: When the cup holders and storage compartments get filled with crumbs, all you need to do is wipe them out. You can get a disinfecting wipe to get rid of any germs that may be hiding. If the cover isn’t too bad, give it a good rub down with a soapy rag or disinfecting wipe. You can also use eco-friendly baby products to ensure that you’re not leaving behind any dangerous chemicals on the car seat.
  • Set a reminder: Time seems to go so much faster when you have kids. The months turn into years without you even realizing it. As a result, you can often forget to clean the car seat. To keep yourself from forgetting, set a reminder in your phone for every three months or so. When it goes off, you know it’s time to clean it. You can always clean it out sooner if it starts to smell.

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