5-9 hand selected products, gentle on your body and the earth

Natural, sustainable, organic, and ethical products

Mix of large sample sizes and full size products

Shipped every-other-month

Gift options available, shipped on demand

Free shipping included

Retail value of $24-$50+ per box

Mom Box



For any mother - The box will contain healthy, non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe products, including skin care; make-up; healthy home; non-GMO snacks and treats; nutritional and wellness products; spa/pampering items... a wide range of fun and healthy products to support you on your eco mom journey.


Mom & Baby Box



For moms & their newborns up to 18 months - It is hard to find time to research and find the safest products for the new bundle of joy. Be introduced to items like diapers and wipes; skin creams and washes; feeding products and organic 1st foods; and so much more. We have safe, fun products in store for mom & her little eco baby.  Leave the guess work to us and enjoy this special time.

Pregnancy Box



For Pregnant Moms - Nurture the unborn baby with products that are good for mom to use and consume. Each box includes a selection of products hand-selected with moms-to-be  in mind. You'll receive a variety of skin care, make-up, organic, whole food prenatal vitamins, non GMO foods, spa products, and so much more. Once your baby arrives, choose our Mom & Baby Discovery Box to continue pampering the eco mom you've become!


Ecocentric Box

Not a mom? No problem! We've got a box designed to support the ecocentric lifestyle of any woman. You will discover new types of natural, sustainable, organic, and ethical products with each box. This box is for women striving for healthy lifestyles who value what they put on and in their bodies. Every product is curated to provide you with a plethora of new eco-friendly products in every box, to sustain your ecocentric lifestyle.