Damaged Orders

If you have any problems with your order, please contact us immediately at support@ecocentricmom.comWe will happily find a solution, provided the damaged box/product is reported within 48 hours of order delivery (confirmed via tracking). Please submit photo images of the damaged or defective product(s) and do not throw away the product or box until the claim has been completed.

Please note: Ecocentric Mom is not responsible for any additional shipping costs and we do not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of returned packages lost in transit without proof of delivery.

Missing Orders

If your order has not been delivered and appears "lost", please contact us immediately at support@ecocentricmom.com. In the event the tracking says your order has been delivered, but your box is still missing, there a few things that we recommend doing:

    1. Contact your local post office and obtain time and place the package was delivered to. You can also request the GPS coordinates as to where it was delivered as each USPS tracking number automatically generates a GPS coordinate. This will tell you if it was mis-delivered. 9 times out of 10, this solves the problem!

    2. Sometimes, a postal carrier will place a package in a safer location if the weather isn't great. Check in areas that might not typically have deliveries - under a window, in your garage (if applicable), inside another safe area in your yard/near your home, etc. If you're able to, I would also ask your mail carrier if you can catch them. Sometimes they will remember if they saw that particular package or if they put it somewhere different.

    3. On rare occasions, packages are marked as delivered before they actually are delivered. Sometimes they will show up within 48 hours of being marked.

    4. If none of the above help, we highly recommend that you contact your local police department and file a missing mail report. Federal mail theft is a serious crime that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, in the time of Covid-19, especially, things can happen to cause delays or mail mix-ups, but hopefully your local post office will be able to help!


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