1st Trimester Premium Organic Pregnancy Gift Box

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Ecocentric Mom's First Trimester PREMIUM Pregnancy Gift Box is the perfect pick-me-up for moms-to-be battling morning sickness and the general exhaustion of pregnancy's first twelve weeks, with a few extra little surprises! This gift box provides the best of both convenience and pampering for your favorite mama-to-be!

SHIPPING INFORMATION: Trimester Gift Boxes ship within 7-10 business days via USPS Priority Mail. 

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What's inside:

TummyDrops (Peppermint) 
Harness the power of ginger to curb pregnancy nausea in these early weeks. 

Rise & Shine Energy Spray - 8 oz 
Feeling drained? Of course you are! Growing baby during the first trimester is exhausting. Rise & Shine is tart, tangy and subtly sweet. Use as a body spray, or an anytime pick-me-up spritzer for wherever you go!

Ecocentric Mom Red Flower Bullet Journal 
This space is for Mama. Ecocentric Mom presents a lay-flat, customizable journal for her to treasure as a keepsake and reflect back on as she plans her month, week, or day of pregnancy. She can take time to make note of your latest pregnancy craving, tape in your bump pictures, or chart your household meal plans, chores, or activities. The content of these pages is up to Mama!


Mindful Anti-Nausea Creme (formerly Wellness) - 4 oz 
Combat first trimester nausea with this buttery creme! With Organic Ginger Root Oil and up-lifting lime oil, this creme uses a fresh and delightful aromatherapy technique to bring relief to all mamas struggling during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Box Naturals  Cleansing Towelettes 
Feel lovely with these organic towelettes- perfect for your commute, a visit to the OB or even your labor bag. Box Naturals individually wrapped towelettes are a truly beautiful way to freshen up during your pregnancy.

Happiness Bath Soak 
Some days you just need a good mood boost. Aromatherapy works it's magic through Orange essential oil, making you feel chipper! Filled with calming and soothing essential oils and a detoxifying blend of purifying epsom and Himalayan pink salts to relax aching muscles, Happiness is your cheerful self-care treat!

Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Brain is Real Notepad 
We all laugh, but #pregnancybrain exists!  We've heard it goes away when baby turns somewhere around 18 years(!) old ;-) When Mama can barely remember Her own name, she can use our handy, dandy little notepad to keep track of #allthethings on her to-do list. 

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