2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

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2nd Trimester is time for the mama-to-be to nurture herself and focus on her own well-being. Our 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box is full of pampering & practical goodies to help her do so! 

Here's what's inside:

Le Beurre Shop Shea Butter Belly & Nipple Cream (4 fl oz) - value $12.99

Beurre Maman is a natural way to tone and condition your growing baby bump.  High in vitamins E and A, the blend of shea butter and nurturing oils rejuvenates and repairs your skin. Beurre Maman minimizes itching and also serves to heal sore, cracked nipples during the first months of nursing.  All ingredients are safe for both mommy and baby.

Ecocentric Mom Belly Band - value $16.99

The perfect pregnancy accessory! Extend your wardrobe with this one-size-fits-most bellyband.  Made from our custom nylon-lycra blend, Ecocentric Mom's Belly Band is designed to fit snugly and stretch comfortably over your growing bump.  Designed to be worn inside your clothing for bump-support and pregnancy comfort or outside as a visible baby-bump accessory. 

Marama Organics Pregnancy Bath Bombs (set of 2, 4.5 oz bombs) - value $10.99

Pregnancy can be stressful! Let Marama's Pregnancy-safe bath bombs soothe your soul & invigorate your senses.  This set of two organic pregnancy bath bombs created just for moms-to-be include no harmful ingredients and are naturally scented with only pregnancy-safe essential oils.

London's Pedisoaks for Ecocentric Mom MegaPregnancy Foot Soak (4 oz) - value $9.99

Though your feet might be disappearing from your own view, we understand that pregnancy can wreak havoc on those puppies!  London's Pedisoak's custom blend created just for pregnancy feet woes. This mega pedisoak will moisturize, revitalize, and exfoliate your feet. Enjoy! 

Pregnancy-Safe Sunscreen by SurfDurt (1.5 oz) - value $12.00

Your skin undergoes huge changes during pregnancy - and extra sun-sensitivity is one of them!  SurfDurt's all natural, reef-safe, non-nano Zinc Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a safe choice to keep your sensitive skin safe throughout your pregnancy. 

Plus: Some bonus surprise samples or snacks designed to power your pregnancy!

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