• Top 5 Face Masks for Pregnancy

    Top 5 Face Masks for Pregnancy
    Hormones! Hormones! Hormones! No matter mama-to-be’s age, pregnancy hormones can make any mama-to-be feel like a teenager again. Even if you’re not dealing with acne, there’s dryness, redness, puffy skin, sensitivity. Ugh. The list could go on and on. Fortunately, we have simple solution: face masks for pregnancy to solve all your complexion problems! How do face masks for pregnancy help?  Well, for starters, retinol and salicylic acid are OUT. You’ll have to pay close attention to the ingredients in any face mask, but especially if you are using a face mask for pregnancy related skin...
  • 10 Ways to Use Mint During Pregnancy

    10 Ways to Use Mint During Pregnancy
    When it comes to pregnancy and all-natural remedies, mint leaves are at the top of our list. With multiple health benefits, pregnant and breastfeeding mamas can count on mint to do more than add flavor to food.  What is mint? Mint is a part of the Lamiaceae family, which includes both peppermint and spearmint. There are also 15-20 types of other plant species considered a mint, which makes it a popular choice for herbs in food, as well as candy, toothpaste, and even beauty products!  Immune system boost Mint leaves contain high levels of phosphorus, calcium...
  • Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night?

    Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night?
    You toss and turn all night and wake up with jaw pain in the morning. What's worse is that you consistently have morning migraines that just don't seem to go away. Your teeth are extra sensitive to foods, and with all of these issues, your stress increases. What is the root cause of this problem, and what's the solution? If you've encountered a few of these symptoms, you may likely be grinding your teeth at night. Here are three side-effects to grinding teeth and one solution to help you stay asleep during the night.  Sensitive Teeth ...
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