Top 5 Face Masks for Pregnancy


Hormones! Hormones! Hormones! No matter mama-to-be’s age, pregnancy hormones can make any mama-to-be feel like a teenager again. Even if you’re not dealing with acne, there’s dryness, redness, puffy skin, sensitivity. Ugh. The list could go on and on. Fortunately, we have simple solution: face masks for pregnancy to solve all your complexion problems!

How do face masks for pregnancy help? 

Well, for starters, retinol and salicylic acid are OUT. You’ll have to pay close attention to the ingredients in any face mask, but especially if you are using a face mask for pregnancy related skin problems. We have found that face masks provide many benefits, including moisturizing properties, which often helps treat pregnancy acne. 

If sensitive skin is your issue, you’ll want to start slow and test the face mask on a small area of skin to make sure you don’t have a reaction. If you don’t have a reaction, it’s time to get pampered! 

Do masks work?

Now is a great time to take a “before” picture to reference in the future. Taking pictures will provide a great way to look back to see if the face mask you chose is the right one for you. With regular use, you should notice your pores and dark spots fading, resulting in a smoother overall complexion. Take a photo of your face each week in the same location, and time of day. If you can, try to use natural light from a nearby window and turn off the overhead light in the room or bathroom. 

Ingredients Matter

As mothers ourselves, we have been right there with you battling acne, . And as Ecocentric Mom, we know not only is it important that the mask works, but that the ingredients won’t be toxic to our bodies. This is especially important if you’re an expecting mother - you don’t want the chemicals in the products you use to absorb into your body and affect your growing baby bump! 

- - - - - - -  

To help you look and feel your best, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 face masks for pregnancy. Try them out during your pregnancy, or after, because being ingredient-aware is always a good thing! 

Best Organic Face Mask
for Pregnancy

Detox Face Mask | Prince Charcoal by Fleur & Bee

Face Mask for Pregnancy - Fleur & Bee Detox Mask

Charcoal to the rescue! Fleur & Bee’s Prince Charcoal Detox Mask draws out toxins while renewing and restoring your skin. Fleur & Bee says this mask does not contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, GMOs, artificial fragrances, gluten, or dyes.  This mask  is 100% vegan, cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified - hooray! Another bonus is the packaging is made of up to 90% recyclable material. 


Best Superfood Face Mask
for Pregnancy

Clay Mask by Plantifique

Face Mask for Pregnancy - Superfood

If it’s good for the inside, it should be good for the outside…. Right? Well that’s exactly what the creators at Plantifique thought! This superfood face mask for pregnancy contains 6 superfood ingredients - spinach, blueberries, tea tree oil, spirulina, aloe very and the ever popular, avocado. These vegan ingredients detox, nourish, purify, regenerate and moisturize your skin to bring you back to a healthy glow that you can be proud of. 


Best Sensitive Skin Face Mask
for Pregnancy

Blossom Hill Radiance Soothing Face Mask

Face Mask for Pregnancy - Sensitive Skin
It was hard to place Blossom Hill’s Radiance Soothing Face Mask. Not only is this face mask is great for those with sensitive skin, it also contains an amazing collection of organic ingredients! 

Featuring organic rose hip oil, botanical hyaluronic and glycolic acid, this face mask for pregnancy does wonders for minimizing pores and purifying skin without that burning sensation. This antioxidant rich blend of healing oils and vitamins nourishes and hydrates which gives you super smooth skin with a healthy, happy glow. 

One review from Amazon said: 

“I thought the reviews were overly enthusiastic, but nah. It really is that good. It doesn’t seem to help with wrinkles, but I haven’t had a single pimple since I started using it (which has been every day for the last five days), it smooths my skin, helps it look brighter, seems to be gently fading post acne scars, and my my blackhead recurrence is greatly reduced. This has become my favorite face mask out of the 30 I currently own. I love it and I’ll keep buying it.”

***PLEASE NOTE*** Unfortunately, we have one issue with this product. If you look at the ingredient list, Macha Rose Fragrance is the last ingredient. We debated whether this would disqualify this product from our recommendation list, and ultimately, we’re leaving the decision up to you. We feel there are multiple good reasons to purchase this face mask during pregnancy, however if fragrance is a deal breaker for you, avoid this product. 

Best Clay Face Mask
for Pregnancy

Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay

Face Mask for Pregnancy - Clay

Ok, we’re not trying to be biased here, but truth be told we have been using this mask since 2001 and it is still to this day, one of our favorite face masks. It has one ingredient: Natural Calcium Bentonite (Green) Clay. THAT’S IT. The unique molecular structure of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay deep cleanses skin pores, removing dirt and impurities, lifting out poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis. Pimples and blackheads are absorbed into the clay bed, resulting in accelerated healing and nourishment of the skin. All you have to do is mix it with raw apple cider vinegar and/or water.

Seriously, there is a reason this mask is loved by THOUSANDS of people. Not just a face mask for pregnancy, it’s great as a detox bath, or for treating eczema.  

One Amazon reviewer said: 

"Alrighty. The thing about this clay is that it feels terrible when it's drying and your face is going to be blotchy and red the night that you use it, but come the next morning you'll have beautiful, glowing skin. My skin had the same glow it used to have before kids. You know, the healthy, youthful glow I used to take for granted? People commented on how nice I looked the next day, even though I had no makeup on and the toddler decided 3:58 am was a perfectly acceptable wake up time.

I also have really sensitive, dry skin and this stuff was terrific on my pregnancy acne. And by sensitive, I mean that my eyes have swollen shut from Dove hypoallergenic cleanser. Just remember to moisturize afterwards and you are golden.”

Amen, sister.  


Best Vegan Face Mask
for Pregnancy

Dr Botanicals Cocoa Butter & Coconut Hydrating Mask

Face Mask for Pregnancy - Vegan

Oh take us to the beach and let us *love* how this one smells and feels! This mask renews your tired looking skin. Featuring Coconut Oil (which is full of antioxidants and fatty acids) and Cocoa Butter (for ultimate hydrations), the Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask makes a great face mask for pregnancy because these ingredients work together to fight free radical damage on your skin. Even better, you don’t have to sit with this mask on for an hour - it works in 10 minutes! 

*BONUS* Best Belly Mask
for Pregnancy 

Munchkin Milkmakers Belly Mask for
Pregnancy Skin Care & Stretch Marks

Face Mask for Pregnancy

We couldn’t help but share this gem we found. Sure there’s lotions and creams and gels and oils, but why not try a sheet mask for your baby bump? Munchkin Milkmakers had this mask for pregnancy dermatologist-tested and kept it’s formula free from fragrance, phthalates and parabens! 

- - - - - -

Once more, and forgive us if we sound like a broken record, but please test a small amount on your elbow before use. Even if you didn’t have sensitive skin before, those hormones change things and you never know what reaction you might have! 

There you go! 5 +1 masks for pregnancy to bring your skin back to its former glory! While some moms may find they have the “pregnancy glow” naturally, the rest of us can feel a little more confident (and pampered!) thanks to our favorite face mask for pregnancy! 

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